High Power Cell - Technical Specification Summary

Nominal Voltage 3.7 Cell voltage is between 3.6v ~ 3.9v when shipped
Capacity Range 100 mAh ~ 5,000 mAh  
Charge Max Charge Voltage 4.2 Charge voltage must not exceed 4.2v
Max Charge Current 0.5C  
Charging Method Constant Current / Voltage Standard Charge: 0.2C @ 4.2v
Constant Current / Voltage Quick charge: 0.5C @ 4.2v
Discharge Min Discharge Voltage 2.75  
Max Discharge Current Request Cells are available in a range of continuous and peak discharge current specifications.
Self Discharge Residual Capacity >97% After standard charging, stored at 25°C ±5°C for 30 days, then measured @ 0.2C / 2.75v
Operating Temp [C] Discharge -10° +60° Higher and lower temperatures are achievable to order.
Charge 0° +45°  
Storage Temp[C] -10° +45°  
Cycle Life (number of cycles) Minimum 300 One cycle relates to one charge period to 0.2C / 4.2v - then one discharge period to 0.2C / 2.75v. The cycle life rating is when the discharge capacity is at 80% of the rated capacity
Typical 500