Standard Cell Technical Specification Summary

Nominal Voltage 3.7 Cell voltage is between 3.6v ~ 3.9v when shipped
Capacity Range 2,000 mAh ~ 7,499 mAh  
Charge Max Charge Voltage 4.2 Charge voltage must not exceed 4.2v
Max Charge Current 1.0C  
Charging Method Constant Current / Voltage Standard Charge: 0.2C @ 4.2v
Constant Current / Voltage Quick charge: 0.5C @ 4.2v
Discharge Min Discharge Voltage 2.75  
Max Discharge Current 1.0C Min Cells can be manufactured to discharge rates of up to 20C. See high discharge series cells for more information.
Self Discharge Residual Capacity >97% After standard charging, stored at 25°C ±5°C for 30 days, then measured @ 0.2C / 2.75v
Operating Temp [C] Discharge -10° +60° Higher and lower temperatures are achievable to order.
Charge 0° +45°  
Storage Temp[C] -10° +45°  
Cycle Life (number of cycles) Minimum 300 One cycle relates to one charge period to 0.2C / 4.2v - then one discharge period to 0.2C / 2.75v. The cycle life rating is when the discharge capacity is at 80% of the rated capacity
Typical 500 - 800