Lithium Batteries

Lithium Battery Technology

YOK Energy products use patented safe and efficient technologies for three types of lithium rechargeable battery.

Lithium Ion Polymer

Our original technology offers unique cell design and production techniques. We provide the industry’s widest range of standard sizes and capacities. We are able to support very small cells with high reliability.

All batteries can include a protection circuit module (PCM) with short circuit / over charge / discharge protection, matched to your application requirements. Add temperature sensing and and other control features from our in-house engineering team.

Easy customisation can be achieved by varying the cell thickness to increase or reduce capacity of a given width and length (which is fixed by the tool size).

Lithium Ion Cylindrical

YOK offer 18650 and 26650 size cylindrical cells in various capacities up to 4000 mAh and some high discharge current versions.


Focus is on safety and reliable performance. Patented cell designs and unique production techniques offer customers a high quality product at a competitive cost.


Battery Packs  

battery packBattery packs can be made by combining cells in series to increase voltage and parallel to increase capacity. These require appropriate safety electronics and in some cases, cell balancing circuitry, or a full Battery Management System.

We can help with advice to make sure your designs are safe, cost efficient and suitable for your application.


Hard Case Batteries

If your application requires a removable or replaceable battery, we can manufacture the complete product including battery and plastics tooliong and production.