CES 2020

5 takeaways from CES 2020

CES 2020 has been and gone, and both revealed and foretold many exciting new developments in consumer technology; a good number of which are reliant on battery technology. The biggest announcements of the year indicate some of the trends we can expect to see taking hold of the tech industry in 2020 and beyond.

AI and robotics are the future

There were also some big announcements made in AI and robotics, including new features for Google Assistant in 2020. On the novelty front, there was even a self-balancing robot called RollBot who is specially designed bring you fresh toilet paper when you need it. On a more elevated note, Samsung introduced Ballie, a robotic ball that follows you around your home controlling smart features, taking photographs and keeping an eye on the place while you’re out. This is a pretty revolutionary design incorporating: home security, a virtual assistant and a portal into the internet of things.

Healthcare is now a digital field

The number of healthcare products announced at CES 2020 was head-spinning. From Dimension Robotics’ Dr CaRo, a device which can help restore mobility to stroke victims without expensive physiotherapy, to the handheld Core Meditation Trainer, a handy device which offers metrics on your health and meditation classics, all within the palm of your hand. Tivic Health Systems have even developed the ClearUp Sinus Pain Relief, another handheld device which uses cutting edge technology; in the form, microcurrent waveforms to ease the symptoms of allergy-related sinus pain without using drugs.

Sustainability is at the forefront

Another key trend spotted was the number of products that are now putting sustainability and eco-concerns at the forefront of their designs. From electric vehicles such as the Fisker Ocean to the Hydraloop Water Recycler and Rocean One’s water filter, the trends are leaning toward modern technology brands that aim to put the planet first – and, it would seem, that a growing number of consumers are attracted to this. The popularity of another product, the intriguingly named, Impossible Pork, which could help to cut massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions across the globe also demonstrated the power of sustainable tech, which brings us to the ever-growing field of food tech.

Food tech could make real meat a thing of the past

Last year’s CES saw Impossible Foods steal the show with the launch of the Impossible Burger 2.0, an entirely plant-based burger. This year, the aforementioned, Impossible Pork made waves in the form of a plant-based alternative to pork. The recurring theme of eco-driven meat alternatives is becoming something of a trend. Brand leader Impossible Foods is one company among many that are leading innovations in vegan, environmentally sustainable meat alternatives. It is becoming apparent that the elision of tech and food is more than just a fad, and will carry heavy implications for the future of the meat farming industry around the world.

Portable technology still at the cutting edge

Battery power still retains its place at the cutting edge of innovation. For a growing number of years we have lived in a time when consumers expect to carry their tech around everywhere they go, and one only needs to glance at the number of portable products announced at CES 2020 to see this is still the case. The new Lenovo ThinkBook Plus combines a laptop with an e-reader, and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold makes leaps and bounds in the field of foldable displays – technology which occupies the twilight zone between development and widescale public use. As we have seen for the last number of years, there was no shortage of battery innovations, although the would best be described as small incremental improvements rather than quantum leaps. Batteries are getting smaller, more powerful, are quicker to charge and longer lasting and the days when our body energy is providing all the power we need, seems to get ever closer.

A final note

For those of a musical persuasion, something very interesting was on display. Joué’s Music Instrument is a compact, portable, modular device which can be fitted with swappable pads to be played as any of musical instruments and all without the need to carry hefty instruments around.

CES 2020 certainly provided music to the ears of those who take pleasure from innovation and human progress.


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