Advanced Lithium Batteries



Yok Energy has been providing rechargeable lithium batteries to industry since 2009. We offer industry leading products, particularly in mini and micro sizes, as well as larger cell products and multi-cell battery packs.

We have technology advantages that make a difference to our customers products!

To make sure we continue to provide our customers with technology advantages into the future, we have significant research and development programmes in key areas including materials, cell design, verification analysis, IQC systems, automated manufacturing technology and advanced testing techniques.

shaped and curved cells

lithium cylindrical cells

lithium polymer

coin cells

Package Types:

  • Mini Cylindrical Metal Can
  • PIN Type – Micro Size Cylindrical Metal Can
  • Coin Cells – Rechargeable – Fast Charge
  • Mini and Micro Size Soft Pouch Cells
  • Shaped and Curved Soft Pouch Cells
  • Ultra-Thin Soft Pouch Cells
  • Multi-Cell Battery Packs

Our Advantages:

  • Market Leading Cycle Life Performance
  • Fast Charge
  • High Energy Density
  • High Discharge
  • Flexible Operational Temperature Range
  • Proven Chemical Performance – Li-Ion and LiFeP04
  • Conforms to Safety Standards: IEC62133, UL1642, KSE, PSE

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