YOK Energy supplies ATEX batteries that are available in standard or bespoke designs that can be used across a wide range of consumer, medical, automotive and industrial applications. Since 2009, we've been delivering high-quality bespoke ATEX battery pack solutions to businesses across the UK, earning a reputation for unmatched dedication to our clients. The benefits of our packs include:

  • Low or no up-front NRE costs: We minimise initial investment requirements, ensuring cost-effectiveness for your projects.
  • Use cells with existing certifications: Our battery packs incorporate cells with pre-existing certifications, streamlining the compliance process.
  • Expert in-house design: Benefit from our team’s expertise in crafting bespoke battery solutions tailored to your exact specifications.
  • Competitive pricing: Enjoy competitive costs without compromising on quality or reliability.
  • Superior quality & reliability: Rest assured with our products’ unmatched quality and reliability, backed by rigorous testing standards.
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Our product models


Our bespoke batteries are available in both cylindrical and pouch formats. YOK Energy, one of the leading UK battery pack manufacturers, produces bespoke ATEX battery packs that are designed and manufactured to offer the highest quality in terms of safety, power, and longevity.

No matter what size or voltage is required, all our battery packs are manufactured to guarantee the highest standards in terms of consistency, quality, and performance. This adherence to quality, detail and performance is maintained on every project YOK Energy works on, creating a Li-ion battery pack that can respond precisely to the specific requirement, maintain integrity and optimise productivity. From simple protection circuits to more complex BMS, we've got you covered.

Off-the-Shelf Battery Packs

No matter your industry or location in the UK, YOK Energy offers the perfect ATEX battery solution for your business needs. Browse through our comprehensive range of off-the-shelf battery packs today to find the ideal solution that meets your specific requirements. Alternatively, feel free to contact our team to discuss your bespoke specifications and receive personalised assistance today.

* The following parameters are example data, intended for reference only. Please contact our sales staff for more details.

Off the Shelf Battery Packs

* The following parameters are example data, intended for reference only. Please contact our sales staff for more details.

Model Capacity (mAh) Voltage (V) Cell Array Number of cells Cell Model Cell Type Enquire
WB-UPS 10.2 24 3P8S 24 26650/3400mAh/3.2V Cylindrical Enquire now
WB-UPS 10.2 48 3P16S 48 26650/3400mAh/3.2V Cylindrical Enquire now
WB3610ZELR1 10.4 40 4P10S 36 18650/2600mAh/3.6V Cylindrical Enquire now
WB3617ZGMR1 17 50 5P10S 36 18650/3500mAh/3.6V Cylindrical Enquire now
WB1221RPB 21.6 24 6P4S 12.8 26650/3600mAh/3.2V Cylindrical Enquire now



YOK Energy Lithium-Ion cylindrical and pouch battery packs are manufactured to meet all the quality standard safety and performance regulations & certifications. Contact us today to discuss your project design requirements



YOK Energy’s battery pack design ensures that the health and safety of users are of paramount importance. Our cell technology and pack capabilities ensure that we only ever offer a safe and cost-effective solutions. Battery pack management systems make up a large part of the consumer and industrial marketplace. Choosing a Li-ion battery pack supplier who can guarantee performance, safety, and design as technologies grow and change is becoming ever more important. Contact one of our experts today.
High Energy Density
We use different cells based on your priorities, and we have the capability to supply the highest energy density cells on the market to ensure the longest run time for your products.
High Power Capability
With high power cells available to be integrated in to our battery pack, low internal resistance and long cycle life, Yok’s battery packs enable our customers to make lighter, more powerful and durable devices.
Fast Charging
After extensive research, we have developed fast charge batteries without compromising long cycle life and high safety standards.
Adherence to Battery Safety Standard
YOK Energy lithium-ion cylindrical and pouch battery packs are manufactured to meet all the quality standard safety and performance regulations and certifications.



YOK Energy is one of the most versatile and innovative battery pack suppliers and works closely with electronic device manufacturers in all different sectors to develop the perfect battery pack solution. The company has worked extensively in different sectors, including with the manufacturers of household and industrial devices, consumer electronics, medical and healthcare, and Agritech. All YOK Energy Battery Packs combine high energy density with a robust and safe design. Typical applications include:
Garden and DIY tools
Including drills, saws, lawnmowers, and power tools.
Electric transport systems
Including scooters, bicycles and motorcycles, electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, speed boats, and cars.
Robot technology
Both for consumer use (lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, and drones).
Smart Agriculture
Irrigation and water management, microclimate greenhouse management and control processes, mobile communications crop moisture detection and control.

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