Lithium-ion Polymer

Lithium ion polymer batteries are characterised by their high energy density, customised appearance, small size, lightweight, good safety, and flexible design. Yok Energy offer off the shelf and bespoke Li-Po solutions.

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Lithium ion Polymer Cells

Technology Advantages That Make a Real Difference

Lithium-ion polymer batteries are widely used in wearable products, smart phones, power bank, laptops, and tablets, etc. Our battery products cover 4.2V, 4.35V, 4.4V voltage systems, which can boost the capacity of the cell within the same dimensions. With industry leading energy density, cycle life, discharge/charge rate, and coupled with fantastic support and competitive cost, Yok Energy is ideally placed to become your long term battery partner. Contact us today. 

High Energy Density Cells

* The following parameters are example data, intended for reference only. Please contact our sales staff for more details.

Model Capacity (mAh) Voltage (V) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Enquire
YE251020C 25 3.7 2.70 10.8 20.8 Enquire now
YE301220C 40 3.7 6.00 12.5 21.0 Enquire now
YE601417C 70 3.7 5.30 14.5 17.8 Enquire now
YE531518C 85 3.7 8.99 15.5 18.5 Enquire now
YE901313HPW 90 3.7 3.30 13.9 15.9 Enquire now
YE432832C 140 3.7 4.30 10.2 51.0 Enquire now
YOK731344P 380 3.7 7.30 28.5 32.5 Enquire now
YOK801460P 445 3.6 8.00 12.9 43.5 Enquire now
YE331051C 140 3.7 3.30 10.1 51.0 Enquire now
YE363568C 840 3.7 3.60 35.5 66.8 Enquire now
YE571885C 1000 3.7 5.7 18.8 86.0 Enquire now
YE4030158C 2100 3.7 4.10 30.5 158.0 Enquire now
YE784284W 3150 3.7 7.80 42.0 84.0 Enquire now
YE806580W 5000 3.7 8.45 65.6 80.6 Enquire now
YE7870170HPW 12000 3.7 8.05 70.1 170.9 Enquire now
YE1055275W 20000 3.7 9.44 55.5 275.6 Enquire now


Can’t Find a Suitable Battery Product?

YOK Energy technologies are constantly evolving, and we incorporate these advancements into the custom designs we carry out for our customers and partners around the globe. Whether looking to incorporate an off the shelf battery with more flexibility and no upfront tooling costs, or exploring the possibility of a fully customised solution, we will ensure to optimise the performance and safety well in to the future.

Lithium ion Polymer Cells

What Are The Technology Advantages?

High Energy Density
To meet the market need for smaller and thinner cells with better run times, Yok Energy is constantly working to develop improvements in energy density. To meet the design requirements of smaller size and larger capacity for competitive device markets.
High Power
With features including excellent high power capability, low internal resistance and long cycle life, Yok’s High Rate Li-ion polymer cells enable our customers to make lighter, more powerful and durable devices.
Fast Charging
Yok Energy can provide fast charge batteries without compromising long cycle life and high safety standards. The charging speed is several times faster than conventional standard cells.
Special Shaped Cells
Custom shaped batteries can be small and thin, with high energy density. Battery shapes are enabled by using our advanced stacking process, so that batteries can be adapted to the internal shape spaces of devices.


Safe and Consistent Over The Full Life Cycle

The safety and performance of lipo batteries are of paramount consideration when designing or updating an electronic device. As a manufacturer, you need to have the confidence and reassurance that the lithium battery will give optimum performance. During use, this includes a steady discharge of energy without overloading, with a long lifecycle. During downtimes, the batteries are recharged quickly and efficiently, without the risk of overcharging. YOK Energy builds all these considerations into the overall design of every customer battery design.

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