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YOK Energy is an expert in providing bespoke battery solutions to an extensive range of medical and healthcare device manufacturers. Bringing extensive technical knowledge and expertise to the table, we will work in partnership with you to build the best solution.

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Yok Energy has been providing rechargeable lithium batteries to industry since 2009.

We have a track record of close engagement with our customers enabling us to provide the right solutions at a competitive cost. We work with our customers over the long term, to ensure that they continue to receive the best products and service.


We support customers large and small.

We have technology advantages that make a difference to our customers products. Our experienced teams provide sound advice to help our customers make better battery choices for their product designs. The best solution for our customer is our priority.

Multi-Facility Approach

Battery production is spread across multiple facilities.

Production is spread across multiple facilities. Our focus is on safety first, with consistent performance and reliability. This is why we offer high levels of production automation, including unique industry leading small cell automation with fully integrated QC system.

We care about the environment – All facilities meet international environmental standards for manufacturing including ISO9001, ISO14001. Manufactured products are fully compliant with international environmental standards including: REACH, RoHS

To make sure we continue to provide our customers with technology advantages in to the future, we have significant research and development programmes in key areas including materials, cell design, verification analysis, IQC systems, as well as automated manufacturing technology and advanced testing techniques.

Let’s talk batteries

Let’s talk batteries

Let’s talk batteries


Trident House, 175 Renfrew Rd, Paisley PA3 4EF, United Kingdom

+44 (0)141 255 0870 info@yokenergy.com

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