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Use of lithium batteries in medical equipment

Due to the ever-evolving nature of lithium technology, the number of batteries available has grown significantly. The element boasts a number of properties that make it ideal for use in multiple medical applications. This versatility stems from the fact that a lithium anode can be combined with various different cathode materials. Essentially, the advancements in manufacturing processes and materials have meant that ground-breaking innovations could be made.

Lithium is superior to other metals in a number of ways when it comes to battery usage. It has a potential that exceeds calcium, magnesium, and sodium and is also the lightest of them all. Similarly, its relative commonness, low melting point, high ionisation energy, and low resistivity all make it a perfect contender for battery manufacturing.

This superiority means that lithium batteries are widely used within the medical industry.

Hearing Aids

Lithium batteries are among the most common forms of battery found in hearing aids, and this predominantly stems from the fact that they can be recharged. Lithium batteries can hold their charge for a number of hours and last multiple years before they need to be replaced. As a result, lithium batteries are regarded one of the safest options, as they won’t usually be disposed of by the user. This means they don’t pose as much of a risk as a choking hazard to small children and pets.

Speaking of disposal, lithium batteries are also an eco-friendly option, as their rechargeable nature means they’re not disposed of as often. This also reduces the number of batteries that are incorrectly disposed of, minimising hazards. What’s more, around 65% of people in the UK with hearing loss are over 60, and dexterity problems are also common in older adults. Lithium-powered hearing aids are more forgiving of this, as the user won’t have to regularly change fiddly batteries.


It goes without saying that pacemakers are essential pieces of medical equipment, meaning they require a reliable source of power. The role of a pacemaker is to send electrical pulses to regulate the user’s heartbeat. Without such a vital device, a number of people globally wouldn’t be able to survive.

Lithium batteries are so often used in pacemakers, as they’re able to provide an extended life, low drain current, and voltage characteristics. Previously, mercury-zinc batteries were used for these devices, but they have since been dwarfed by the numerous benefits of lithium batteries. One aspect that sets lithium batteries apart from other battery types is that they don’t produce any gas; consequently, they can be sealed in an airtight manner.

Surgical Tools

The small and ergonomic nature of handheld surgical tools simply wouldn’t be possible without lithium batteries. These advancements facilitate surgeons in quick and efficient operations, reducing the impact of fatigue.

Moreover, since life-saving equipment often needs to remain idle for extended periods of time, they require a battery that will enable them to operate instantly and reliably in times of emergency. On top of this, equipment of this calibre will occasionally be subjected to extreme temperatures for sterilisation purposes. As a result, no other battery performs at quite the same level as a lithium battery.

Infusion Pumps

Another piece of essential medical equipment is an infusion pump, which delivers fluids into a patient’s body in controlled amounts. This control is vital, as it could be the difference between helping and hindering the patient. To that avail, a reliable power source is by no means optional.

The nature of lithium batteries means that infusion pumps can be crafted with reliable rechargeable batteries. These batteries enable the long operation of infusion pumps, as well as a quick recharge and long life capacity.

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